Addressing the Age Old Concern of Aging
sts-wall-sized aging
by Dr. Autumn Starnes on
In the initial mental construct of the practice I was most concerned that I would not have enough patients to remain open.  The focus in the initial steps of the practice were staff, and location.  We had to review EMR and Practice Management systems, computers, tablets, network and internet access.  The other systems in the practice were phones, and the logistics of staff responsibilities and …
The Fascinating World of Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Anti- Aging
by Dr. Kavita Beri on
The human body is equipped with fascinating pathways for inflammation and autoregulation self-healing. Newer advances and understanding in the field of cellular and stem cell science as well as biomaterial science have put forth a new and expanding branch of clinical medicine; Regenerative Medicine. Regenerative medicine concepts have newly picked up momentum not only in researching and establi …
The Skin Cancer Foundation’s 2018 Research Grants Awards Program
Skin Cancer Foundation
The Skin Cancer Foundation is now accepting applications for support of pilot research projects related to all types of skin cancer. Researchers are invited to submit applications for one-year projects to be conducted in the dermatology departments of medical institutions within the United States. With the help of generous donors, The Skin Cancer Foundation has funded more than $1.6 million in res …
Treating Skin of Color Patients
by Elizabeth Bahar Houshmand M.D., FAAD, FABIM ,FASLMS on
Dear Derm Authority: What are the more common complaints or maladies that you see in skin of color patients and what resources do you recommend for new practitioners who want expand their understanding of them? The US population is growing and evolving and the clinical profile of the average patient presenting to the dermatologist is changing. One in three Americans self-identify as member of a …
Meet Dr. Keaney – A Dermatologist’s Path to Opening a New Practice
by Terrence Keaney, M.D., FAAD on
Part I: Building Your “Team” When a physician says he is going “solo”, it could not be further from the truth.  Starting a new dermatology practice is a team effort, even when only one provider leads the charge.  A successful practice has a team working effectively and efficiently to ensure the caregiver can provide quality care while growing a financially successful business.  Just li …