Psoriasis Therapeutics and Marketing
psoriasis therapeutics
by Angelo Landriscina, MD on
JDD Podcast Recap and Author Interview There has been vast growth in the array of treatment options for psoriasis over the last two decades.  Not surprisingly, the variety of new drugs for this chronic condition has resulted in substantial direct-to-consumer marketing.  However, patients with psoriasis are still largely undertreated.  This discrepancy is explored in the paper “Discordance Be …
Difficult Staff – Tips for Handling the Challenge
difficult staff
Difficult Staff - One Challenge Among Many The day-to-day challenges that dermatologists face in the office setting can often be more challenging than providing the actual treatment to a patient. For example, staff attendance, training, interpersonal issues, monetary challenges, and compliance regulations are just a few examples of the many pieces of the complex puzzle. As many know, your staff c …
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Epithelial cells with cytoplasmic vacuoles Wart
A 35 year old man presents with this lesion shown in the photo on his hand. The patient undergoes a biopsy for confirmation of the diagnosis. What finding is specific for this condition? A.) Wedge-shaped perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate with eosinophils. B.) Fibrinoid necrosis and leukocytoclasia C.) Collapsed keratin bundles. D.) Peforating elastin, parakeratosis. E.) Epitheli …
A Dermatologist’s Foray into Writing
Dermatology writing
by Benjamin Barankin, MD on
Early Interest and Experience Propelled My Dermatology Writing My trials and tribulations in writing first began in high school. I wrote a humor article in high school for our school newspaper. The experience was fun as I collected my thoughts, tried to be creative and work on my comedic stylings, and determined whether or not I could make others laugh. The feedback I received was satisfying and …
Hyperhidrosis Treatment Innovation using Radiofrequency Microneedling
Hyperhidrosis Treatment
by Angelo Landriscina, MD on
JDD Podcast Recap & Ask the Investigator on Hyperhidrosis Treatment Innovation Hyperhidrosis represents a great clinical challenge: it can be debilitating for patients, and treatment options are few.  In this edition of the JDD Podcast, Dr. Adam Friedman interviews Dr. Suneel Chilukuri, aninternationally recognized procedural dermatologist and the Director of Cosmetic Surgery at Refresh Derm …