JDD December Issue Highlights
Human fibroblasts are a versatile source of optimal growth factors that provide approaches to repair skin in Upregulation of Extracellular Matrix Genes Corroborates Clinical Efficacy of Human Fibroblast-Derived Growth Factors in Skin Rejuvenation   By working from a CD8+ T cell line, it should be possible to identify and patent products capable of treating infectious diseases, antigen- …
Holistic Dermatology: the Global Aspect
by Alan M. Dattner, MD on
One of the key features of Holistic Dermatology as I see it, is correcting broader causes of skin disease as they affect our entire population. Many of the underlying aggravators of skin disease are very common to our culture and current state of affairs. These include excesses in the diet, as well as toxic substances in our food, topicals, and environment. Many of the problem substances, like sug …
Holistic Dermatology Diagnosis (Part II in Series)
by Alan M. Dattner, MD on
As I have developed the methodology of holistic dermatology, I often treat people who have seen a number of dermatologists, including some considered outstanding, as well as allergists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, chiropractors or others familiar with alternative medicine. I attempt to find the causal factors and reverse them, rather than to just alleviate the symptoms. I focus on reversing cau …
Dear Derm Authority: Full Skin Exam with No History – how do you handle?
full skin exam
by Dr. Dendy Engelman on
On initial visits when patients state coming in for only "skin cancer screening", and not aware of any issues, or requests "full skin exam" and no significant personal or family history, how do you handle these? My office staff is great at briefing patients – We tell them to make sure to note any new or changing growths on the skin.   It is important to know your family history of melanoma an …
GW Resident Segment – November edition
by Elizabeth S. Robinson, MD on
In the newest JDD Podcast, "Pledge to Protect? Highlighting Flaws with the Isotretinoin Safety Monitoring", Ask the Investigator, host Dr. Adam Friedman of GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences is joined by Albert Einstein College of Medicine Chief of Dermatology Dr. Steven Cohen for a throw back podcast covering his landmark 2016 JDD study entitled "iPLEDGE Weaknesses: Is It Time to Address t …