Ask a Mentor: Dr Doris Day
Medical Journalism
Building a Career in Aesthetic & Laser Dermatology, Medical Journalism, and Becoming a Published Book Author Our Next Steps readers had the opportunity to ask Dr. Doris Day questions on building a career in aesthetic and laser dermatology, medical journalism, and becoming a published book author. See all her insightful answers below 1. As an accomplished author, what advice do you have for t …
Ask A Mentor: Dr. Jeremy A. Brauer
Emerging Therapies
New Technologies, Emerging Therapies, and the Art of Communicating Complex Medical Procedures to Patients We are excited to announce another installment of our recurring series: Ask a Mentor. In this monthly segment, we identify an accomplished mentor in the field of Dermatology to answer your questions about career development and their unique areas of expertise. If you have questions on new …
Does Board Certification Really Matter?
Board Certification
by Dr. Bobby Mansouri on
As a recently “Board-certified” dermatologist, I would like to think that this distinction matters – not only for me but for my patients. I would hope that becoming a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology (ABD) is more than a title. But honestly, I’m not sure it is. Breaking Down the Board’s Purpose The ABD exists “to serve the public by setting high standards for dermatolog …
Dermatology Media Relations: When to Hire an Agency
media relations and press relations in dermatology and SanovaWorks
by Allison Sit on
Dermatology Media Relations - Part II So you want to participate in media articles as a means of growing your dermatology practice. Time to call the professionals, right? Not necessarily. Here are three situations when to use a media relations agency and four tactics that you can do on your own. When to use an agency: You’re in a large media market. If you’re in a large metro area, you wil …
The Five Cardinal Rules of Finding a Mentor Part 2 – Sealing the Deal
This is the second article in the two-part series about the five cardinal rules of finding a mentor. In part one, I discussed rules one and two: be honest and fearless. Read on to learn how to seal the deal by following cardinal rules three, four, and five which cover the importance of being open-minded, putting in the effort, and embracing the ‘now.’ 3. Be open-minded. Sure, you may have …