Ask a Mentor: Dr. Doris Day
Laser Dermatology Doris Day
Building a career in aesthetic and laser dermatology We are excited to announce another installment of our recurring series: Ask a Mentor. In this monthly segment, we identify an accomplished mentor in the field of Dermatology to answer your questions about career development and their unique areas of expertise. If you have questions on building a career in aesthetic and laser dermatology, est …
My Journey to Board Certification
Board Certification
by Dr. Bobby Mansouri on
As a recent dermatology residency graduate and newly board-certified dermatologist, I've had a chance over the past few weeks to reflect on the twists and turns of the journey I've been on over the last 11 years. From medical school to residency, and now in private practice, the exams we've all faced along the way and the memories they elicit seem to stand front and center. This is my story. The …
A Day in the Life of a Dermatology Research Fellow
by Azam Qureshi on
Introduction I am honored to have been invited to contribute to Next Steps in Derm!  My name is Azam Qureshi and I recently completed a year working as a dermatology research fellow.  I completed my fellowship between my third and fourth years of medical school. I hope that speaking about my experiences as a research fellow and prospective dermatology trainee will contribute to provide a valuab …
The Cardinal Rules of Finding a Mentor: Part One
Finding a Mentor
Isn’t There an App for This?! Finding a Mentor in the Time of Tinder From our first hand held on the playground and our braces-clanking first kiss, all the way to that potential walk down the aisle. Every tear-filled break-up, steamy night, or dating mishap in between. We spend an incredible amount of time finding that perfect mate. We embrace the struggles of dating and let’s face it, they b …
It’s Time to Rethink the Current Dermatology Residency Application Process
dermatology residency application process
by Nathan Rojek, MD on
The way we select the future generation of dermatologists is overdue for an overhaul. Having just recently completed my residency at Oregon Health & Science University, I am still able to vividly recall the stress-inducing and bank-breaking experience of applying to dermatology. It’s no secret that getting into dermatology is very competitive, so I was told by several mentors to apply to/in …