Fungus Among Us: Practical Case-Based Pearls for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dermatophytosis
by InYoung Kim MD, PhD on
Dermatophytosis constitutes a big chunk of “bread and butter” in dermatology.  In fact, an average of 4.1 million visits a year were due to dermatophytosis from 1995 to 2004! Nevertheless, these fungi can still stump the most seasoned dermatologist, and misdiagnosis can be surprisingly common. Dr. Adam Friedman, Professor, Interim Chair, and Program Director of Dermatology at George Washingt …
Patient Buzz: The Truth About Gel Nails – The Expert Weighs In
Gel Nails
by Allison Sit on
Gel manicures are noted for their longevity, making them especially popular with brides looking for a manicure that will remain chip-free through the honeymoon. The magazine Brides wrote an article recently raising concerns about the safety of gel nails and the UV light used in the drying and curing process. How should you respond if a patient mentions gel nails? For an expert opinion, I c …
Patient Buzz: Is There Any Truth to Acne Face Mapping? The Expert Weighs In
face mapping
by Allison Sit on
An ancient theory of acne is gaining popularity in the consumer media. Acne face mapping is the idea that the placement of acne on the skin reveals the location of health issues occurring inside the body. Consumer lifestyle website Refinery29 wrote an article recently about acne face mapping, which claimed acne in certain locations as signs of imbalances in organs, such as the lungs, kidney and …
Practical Dermoscopy: Part 2
vessel morphologies
by Sima Jain, MD on
Introduction Dermoscopy, also known as epiluminescence microscopy, epiluminoscopy or skin surface microscopy, is an important way to visualize subsurface structures in the epidermis and dermis. Part one of this article focused on the evaluation of pigmented lesions, and the second installment below will review the different vessel morphologies and patterns along with discussing specific findings …
Primary Cicatricial Alopecias in Black Women
by Kimberly Huerth, MD, M.Ed on
Hair Apparent: A Multi-Part Series on Hair Disorders - Part II Dermatology residents from throughout the Washington DC area recently convened at the Georgetown University MedStar Washington Hospital Center Hair Disorders Symposium, where distinguished experts in the field of hair disorders discussed the evaluation, work-up, and treatment of a wide variety of alopecias and scalp disorders. A treas …