PAH Post-Cryolipolysis | The Expert Weighs In
by Allison Sit on
SELF magazine recently covered supermodel Linda Evangelista’s recent admission that she developed paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) after undergoing cryolipolysis. The article mentions a 2017 Journal of Drugs in Dermatology review that found the incidence of PAH post-cryolipolysis may be higher than previously reported. I reached out to one of the authors of the review, Jared Jagdeo, MD, …
“Dolphin Skin” and Other Trends | Patient Buzz Series
dolphin skin
by Allison Sit on
This month’s Patient Buzz includes articles about skin care trends from “dolphin skin” to “banana masks” to “potato hacks.” Feeling out of the loop? Don’t be caught off guard when your patients ask about the latest trends on TikTok and other social media channels. Be ready for your next office visit by browsing this list of dermatology articles from the consumer press. …
Patient Buzz Series: Celebrity Bathing Debate
bathing debate
by Allison Sit on
This month’s Patient Buzz includes several articles that raise the question: How often should we bathe? The celebrity bathing debate started when Jake Gyllenhaal revealed in an interview that he doesn’t bathe often. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher also announced that they only bathe their kids when visibly dirty. Don’t be caught off guard when your patients ask about the celebrity bathing d …
Teledermatology Visits | Tips & Best Practices
by Allison Sit on
Men's Health recently posted an article entitled "Six Tips for a Productive Telehealth Appointment with a Dermatologist." While the article gives patients tips for maximizing their teledermatology appointments, what advice do telemedicine experts have for dermatologists when conducting virtual visits with their patients? I consulted George Han, MD, PhD, director of clinical dermatology and …
Counseling Patients on Sunscreen Safety
by Allison Sit on
Several media outlets have covered benzene contamination in certain sunscreens, and Johnson & Johnson recently announced a recall of certain sunscreens due to benzene contamination. Should patients be concerned about the safety of the sunscreens they use, and how should dermatologists answer questions about sunscreen safety? I consulted two expert dermatologists: Dr. Amy McMichael, pr …