Celebrating the Life of Marta Rendon, MD | 1957-2021
Marta Rendon, MD
by Mary Madden on
Every time I think of Marta Rendon, I smile…before, now and forever more. Simply put, Marta brought joy. To her family; her handsome son, Juan, her long-time life partner, Dr. Bret Ribotsky and her siblings. To her patients. To her business partners and employees of her practice. To any and every dermatologist throughout the US and abroad that she supported and mentored. To those of us in der …
Challenges Facing the Field of Dermatology: An Interview with Dr. Daniel Siegel
Daniel Siegel MD
by Cula N. Dautriche, MD, PhD on
Next Steps in Derm author and Derm In-Review Advisory Council member, Dr. Cula Dautriche, reached out to Dr. Daniel Siegel, former president of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), to shed some light on some of the challenges facing the field of dermatology today. Dr. Siegel is currently the chair of the Council on Corporate, Community and Philanthropic Relations of the AAD and remains heav …
Dos & Don’ts of Industry Relationships
industry relationships in dermatology
by Neal Bhatia, MD on
Unfortunately for many residency graduates, a lot of the decisions regarding interactions with industry such as pharmaceutical and medical device sales forces have been made into policies. These are often parallel to the strictures of parents attempting to shelter their children from what is socially perceived as “evil” or “influential,” and in many instances has led to the development …
Ask the Expert with Dr. Joshua Zeichner – Q&A Recap
Dr. Joshua Zeichner
Next Steps readers had the opportunity to ask Dr. Joshua Zeichner questions on a variety of topics ranging from becoming a sought after media expert to delegating services to mid-level providers. See all his insightful answers below.  1) How did you build your press empire? Pretty much every article I come across in the consumer press has a quote, commentary, expert opinion from you. Any …
8 Tips for Joining a Pharmaceutical Board
Advisory Board
by Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD, FAAD, FACP on
If you are a physician who would like to become a part of a pharmaceutical board, here are tips to keep in mind when pursuing your next step. 1. Find an area you are passionate about, whether it is psoriasis, eczema, actinic keratoses, acne, lasers, fillers, and then start to try and publish papers on the topic. 2. Submit abstracts and present your findings in that particular area at meeting …