Dr. Landriscina on Caring for LGBTQ+ Patients
At the 17th ODAC Dermatology, Aesthetic and Surgical Conference held January 17-20, 2020 in Orlando, FL, Dr. Angelo Landriscina led a session on developing new approaches to caring for LGBTQ+ patients. Next Steps correspondent Dr. Anna Chacon reports back on highlights and pearls from the session which covered the following: Why this topic? Updating Our Understanding of SGM Pa …
by Next Steps In Derm Team on
Join us for a special two-part webinar on timely dermatology topics that include Q&A! SKIN CARE IN SKIN OF COLOR Mona Gohara, MD Associate Clinical Professor Department of Dermatology Yale School Of Medicine TREATING ACNE IN LGBTQ+ PATIENTS Angelo Landriscina, MD Site Director for Dermatology Mount Sinai Doctors-Brooklyn Heights Brooklyn, NY   Supported by La Roche-Posay …
Managing Acne in the LGBTQ+ Population
Acne in the LGBTQ+ Population
by Andrea Waldman, MD on
One of the most vulnerable populations among both teenagers and adults today is the LGBTQ community. An estimate of the LGBTQ population is difficult to solidify, but based on survey data it is estimated that sexual and gender minority individuals collectively represent four percent of the general population. The LGBTQ community is more likely to experience both dysphoria and discrimination, and t …
Patient Buzz: Snail Slime Skin Care – The Expert Weighs In
snail slime skin care
by Allison Sit on
Women's Health recently wrote an article about the benefits of snail slime (also known as snail mucin) in skincare products. Does research support claims of hydrating and anti-aging benefits? Should dermatologists recommend snail mucin products? For expert advice, I contacted dermatologist Angelo Landriscina, MD, who offers evidence-based skincare advice on his blog, DermAngelo.com. Is ther …
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HOSTED BY George Washington School of Medicine & Health Sciences IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ODAC & Next Steps in Derm Conference Director:  Adam Friedman, MD, FAAD This enduring activity is supported by an independent medical education grant provided by Almirall, LLC. Even during a global pandemic we cannot forget that Acne Vulgaris is one of if not THE most common skin condition afflict …

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