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Next Steps Mucosal Candidal Infections
Treatment of this condition with IL-17 blockade has been shown to: A) Increase the risk of Reversible Posterior Leukoencephalopathy Syndrome B) Worsen pre-existing multiple sclerosis C) increase risk for mucosal candidal infections D) Cause hepatic fibrosis with long term use To find out the correct answer and read the explanation click here. …
Using Social Media as a Professional and Clinical Tool
Next Steps social media on an ipad
by Angelo Landriscina, MD on
We are living at a time of unprecedented access to information. Anyone with an internet connection can access vast amounts of knowledge with little effort.  While this change has had broad implications for society at large, its impact is especially felt in medicine and science.  Clinical questions we might encounter on a day to day basis may now be answered with a simple google search.  The li …
Ask a Mentor Q&A Recap – Dr. Amy McMichael
Our Next Steps readers had the opportunity to ask a mentor,  Dr. Amy McMichael, chair and professor of dermatology at Wake Forest University Health Sciences and past president of the Skin of Color Society, questions about establishing a career in academics, finding a mentor, and better serving patients of color.  See all of her insightful answers below. Q1: I attended the Skin of Color Semina …
Wound Care Series – Part 3: Wound Care in Pediatric Patients
Wound-Care-Series questions
by Angelo Landriscina, MD on
PART 3 Wound Care in Pediatric Patients For the concluding installment in our wound care series, I spoke with Kalyani Marathe, MD, MPH.  Dr. Marathe is a pediatric dermatologist practicing at Children’s National Medical center, and an assistant professor at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.  Through her training and her years as a pediatric dermatolog …
Updates on the Prevention and Management of Keloid Scars
Dr. Bridget Kaufman
by Bridget Kaufman, MD on
This article features a recap of Dr. Hilary Baldwin’s talk on the etiology, risk factors, and treatment of keloids at the 2018 Skin of Color Seminar Series, now known as the Skin of Color Update. Dr. Bridget Kaufman, onsite correspondent for the meeting, shares highlights directly from the talk. Dr. Baldwin focused on earlobe keloid scars in particular, which may present with several different m …