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Dear Derm Authority: Laser Therapy Pre-treatment
by Dr. Luis Soro on
Q:  Do you often do pre-treatment with topical medications before the laser therapy, especially when you treat darker skin types? I heard that it is better to use retinoid + hydroquinone for 6 weeks before the laser treatment because lightning of dark color background will minimize the risk of burn. A: Practicing in South Florida, I see many patients with darker skin types seeking laser treatm …
Dear Derm Authority: How do I build a strong CV in the age of social media?
Your CV is your advocate. It documents and credentials your accomplishments for someone who has never met you. It’s your pitch for an interview. Many hiring physicians are reading your CV on their phone! It must be concise, precise and easy to follow. The first step is to provide current contact information, phone, personal email and LinkedIn public profile. Next, Resident/intern/fe …
Dear Derm Authority with Dr. Dendy Engelman
by Dr. Dendy Engelman on
What was the most important lessons I learned my first years out in practice? Keep your eyes open, figuratively of course. In the field of medicine, things are changing so fast (yet so slow) so keep your eyes open and absorb every bit of information. Just because residency is over, it doesn’t mean you’re done with learning. Every 8 years, the amount of medical information doubles, so you ha …
Dear Derm Authority: How Do I Best Use Social Media to Build my Practice?
social media
by Kim Campbell on
Using social media to engage current and prospective clients is fast becoming a non-negotiable part of marketing. At the same time, it can become overwhelming to know where to begin or how to approach some of the different platforms. The best way to use social media to build your practice is in providing valuable information, and other content that relates to your business or services. Boos …
How do I start building my brand?
You are your own brand
by Kim Campbell on
We asked Derm Authority to answer your burning questions on building your own brand and what lessons were learned in the first years of practice.  Read for expert answers below! Dear Derm Authority, Q: How do I start building my brand? Every successful brand has a creative personal logo, business card, website, or landing page at minimum, and social media accounts. These all need to be b …