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How do I start building my brand?
You are your own brand
by Kim Campbell on
We asked Derm Authority to answer your burning questions on building your own brand and what lessons were learned in the first years of practice.  Read for expert answers below! Dear Derm Authority, Q: How do I start building my brand? Every successful brand has a creative personal logo, business card, website, or landing page at minimum, and social media accounts. These all need to be b …
Top 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of ODAC Expert Conference
Welcome to ODAC Derm
ODAC Dermatology, Aesthetic, and Surgical Conference January 13-16, 2017 in Miami, FL 1.) Get in early and make the most of your time by attending pre-conference workshops 2.) Attend General Session 3.) Stop by the Derm In-Review Photo Booth and post your memories to Twitter and Facebook: @DermInReview. You could win $150 gift card! 4.) Attend the NEW Board Review Workshop …