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Fingernail scarring – Friday Pop Quiz 7/22
by Mojgan Hosseinipour, DO, FAAD on
A 40-year-old female develops a wing of extra tissue in all of her fingernails which developed gradually through the years. You mention it is due to scarring in the nail matrix. What is the most common dermatologic association with this condition? A. Lichen planus B. Trauma C. Stevens-Johnson syndrome D. Alopecia areata E. Renal failure To find out the correct answer and read t …
It’s Mnemonic Monday! | Minocycline-Induced Hyperpigmentation
Minocycline induced hyperpigmentation
by Jacqueline McKesey, MD, MS on
On this Mnemonic Monday, we challenge you to remember 3 types of minocycline induced hyperpigmentation with the following mnemonic: I HAVE SCARS ON MY SHIN FROM THE SUN SCAR: Type I minocycline induced hyperpigmentation (discoloration in sites of prior inflammation or scars) SHIN: Type II minocycline induced hyperpigmentation (discoloration on the shins) SUN: Type III minocycline induced hyp …
Skin Eruption – Friday Pop Quiz 7/15
by Mojgan Hosseinipour, DO, FAAD on
A 7-year-old girl presents with a swollen earlobe for several days treated by her pediatrician with oral antihistamines and topical mupirocin. The eruption progresses to that shown in the image in addition to the development of fever, malaise, and neck pain. What would be the next best step in management for this patient? A. Obtain a bacterial culture B. Increase dosage and frequency of …
Nodule – Friday Pop Quiz 6/24/2022
A biopsy is performed of this nodule to confirm diagnosis. Which of the following media should be used to transport this specimen to the lab? A. Ethanol B. Formalin C. Glutaraldehyde D. Michel transport medium E. Normal saline To find out the correct answer and read the explanation, click here.    Brought to you by our brand partner Derm In-Review.  A product of Sano …