Derm In-Review

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Studying for the dermatology boards is a stressful task that can feel daunting at times. However, residents need not fear; with the proper resources and good study habits you can feel well-prepared for this exam. There are a plethora of resources devoted to the dermatology boards. The AAD meetings provide MOC courses to help dermatologists prepare for re-certification. These courses are compris …
Tips for Preparing for the Certifying Examination (Part 1 of 2)
certifying examination
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When preparing yourself for “The Boards,” there are many things to take into consideration. Read on in to learn tried and true tips that will help you on your road to passing the exam. And embarking on your career as a certified dermatologist. 1) This is a marathon, not a race – start preparing early The accumulation of knowledge for the Certifying Examination is meant to take place over t …
Last Minute Study Tips for the Boards
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When it comes to board exams, there is one important thing to remember for success: You don't just need to learn material, you have to synthesize it. Medical journals and literature are tricky and require creative thinking and applied problem solving in order to fully understand; that's why synthesis is so important. This could mean building tables, compiling figures and small chunks of data... wh …
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Weeks leading up to the exam: In my opinion, studying for the boards is really much harder than the actual test itself. It is very important to pace yourself during the months leading up to the boards so that you don’t burn out closer to exam time. I divided my study materials into topics based upon the sections of the Derm In-Review study guide. I began by reviewing topics with which I was t …
I Wish I Had Known: Residency Study Advice
Residency Marathon
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Dermatology residency is a marathon, not a sprint, you have three years to learn the material and though it is quite a large volume, it is do-able. As a first year dermatology resident, you will be completely overwhelmed with the pure volume of material you need to know. First year, read Bolognia, it is long and you will hate reading it some weeks, but it will provide you with an excellent founda …