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Ask a Mentor: On Skincare Retailing, Staff and Patient Education, and the Art of Designing Custom Skincare Regimens
Dr. Leslie Baumann
We are excited to announce our final mentor of 2018: Dr. Leslie Baumann. In this monthly Ask a Mentor segment, we identify an accomplished mentor in the field of Dermatology to answer your questions about career development and their unique areas of expertise. Do you have questions about cosmeceuticals or skincare regimen design?  Would you like to share or discuss any challenges you are exper …
6 Steps to Develop a Media List and Pitch
Media Pitch
by Allison Sit on
In my previous articles, I’ve addressed reasons for working with the media as a means of promoting your dermatology practice, when you should consider hiring a media relations agency, and what media relations tactics you can do yourself. If you’ve decided you want to try working with the media directly, here are six steps to getting started: 1. Build your media list. Create a list of repo …
Avoid Physician Burnout: “I Don’t Know” – The Sign of a Confident Doctor
Physician Burnout
by Bobbak (Bobby) Mansouri, MD, FAAD on
Avoid Physician Burnout “I don’t know.” It’s a phrase that is near and dear to my heart. In medical school, we were told it was the go-to phrase when we didn’t know the answer to a question. After all, we were medical students. How much could anyone really expect us to know? What is the diagnosis? “I don’t know.” What is the etiology? “I don’t know.” What is the first- …
Private Equity-Backed Model Concerns and How to Prevent Private Equity-Backed Consolidation
Private Equity in Dermatology SanovaWorks JAAD Sailesh Konda
by Sailesh Konda, MD, FAAD on
I am pleased to publish my second delivery in this 2-part series, offering our perspectives on private equity (PE) to residents and early career dermatologists reading Next Steps in Derm. In part 1 of my series, I provided an overview of the PE landscape in dermatology along with five out of ten concerns about PE-backed models. Herein, I will highlight the remaining 5 concerns about PE-backed mode …
Ask a Mentor: Dr Doris Day
Medical Journalism
Building a Career in Aesthetic & Laser Dermatology, Medical Journalism, and Becoming a Published Book Author Our Next Steps readers had the opportunity to ask Dr. Doris Day questions on building a career in aesthetic and laser dermatology, medical journalism, and becoming a published book author. See all her insightful answers below 1. As an accomplished author, what advice do you have for t …