I Wish I Had Known: Patient Experience
bandage known
by Next Steps In Derm Team on
I wish I had known that cosmetic patients and Mohs patients are like oil and water sitting in the same waiting room They do not mix well at all. In general, well-heeled, cosmetic-oriented people (mostly women) wish to wait with others who they can identify with. Often, Mohs patients are quite elderly with bandages on their faces. Which can be a frightening sight to the cosmetic patient. I would r …
I Wish I Had Known: Fellowship Opportunities
fellowship opportunity
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The fellowship opportunities in dermatology (before and after residency) are endless and one of a kind. Before beginning my residency at the University of Maryland, I was lucky to have landed a clinical fellowship focusing on dermatologic and laser surgery at the Mohs and Laser Unit at the University of Miami. To this day, it was one of the experiences that has prepared me the most for a career in …
I Wish I Had Known: Finding the Right Balance
finding balance
by Next Steps In Derm Team on
Life post-residency is wonderful. As a dermatologist, there are so many cool and exciting things we can do with our day. I've found that life in academic dermatology as a physician-scientist is especially rewarding. There are some challenges, especially when establishing your foundation. For me, finding the right personal balance at work between clinical and research is essential. The best tip is …