I Wish I Had Known: The Importance of Life Outside of Residency
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Life for much of my residency, I struggled to find the right balance between the formidable amount of reading expected of derm residents, and maintaining a healthy life outside of residency. In fact, this was the greatest source of stress for me as a resident. I wish I had known that derm residency is a marathon, not a sprint. So, as tempting as it may be to shoot for ridiculous amounts of study …
I Wish I Had Known: Residency
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In dermatology residency, my focus was, appropriately, on learning all that I could about dermatology so that I would pass my board exams and provide great care to my patients, in that order. These were necessary and important priorities, but retrospectively, I wish I had known: 1. Patients care that I care. First and foremost, each patient wants to be remembered, to feel special, to feel well c …
I Wish I Had Known: Residency Tips
Residency Tips
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In the midst of residency, it seemed like the training, endless consults, biopsies, lectures and oversight would never end. Afterwards, I longed for the second opinion, the grand rounds discussions and the fabulous mentors. Cherish the unique approach each attending takes for both common and uncommon dermatologic conditions. What may seem like an unusual treatment regimen may prove useful some d …
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As someone currently immersed in this process, I have learned a few lessons along the way -- some old made new again and others understood for the first time. Each of us has a unique way of sorting through information and making decisions, and for many of us a constant inner dialogue develops inside our own minds throughout this process. Below are five lessons that I find helpful, but of which I …
I Wish I Had Known – Food for Thought: Two Ideas to Contemplate at the End of Residency
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Graduating from residency is super exciting, but is also anxiety-provoking as you need to find your first "real" job. The first aspect to think about when tackling this overwhelming idea is the type of environment in which you’d like to work. At first glance, it seems like a relatively straightforward decision: academics or private practice. However, there is much more to it as you need to al …