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Dermatology Residency Blog of Elyse Love, MD
We are excited to share an excerpt from the dermatology blog of Elyse Love, MD - NYC Dermatology Resident. Discover why residency is "way harder" than she expected. First 3 Months of Dermatology Residency - Dermatology is Way Hard First, let me start this by saying - I pinch myself every single day that I get to do a job I love for the rest of my life. I have somehow been blessed with, in my … Tags: , , , ,

William Hanke at ODAC Derm
The Importance of Mentors
I’m an academic dermatologist and I did not choose this path using a spreadsheet of all the characteristics of the different things I could have gone into; academics, private practice, work for a drug company. No, I had a gestalt, I just knew it and I’m sure in your heart you feel like you know what you should do and I would say pursue that passion. I had a couple great mentors in derma … Tags: ,

Dermatology Resident Roadmap
Roadmap for Residents Planning to Enter Academia Contracts: What to Do After Signing
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Part 2 of 2 You’ve signed on the dotted line—you’re joining an academic dermatology department! Congratulations! This final part of the series will help guide you in shaping your early career. It’s critical to envision the kind of career you want and take steps to make it happen from day one while still staying open to unpredictable opportunities that arise. In addition to your dreams, … Tags: , ,