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Patient Buzz: Do Dryer Sheets Cause Acne?
Causes of Acne
by Allison Sit on
Causes of Acne: An Expert Weighs In Dryer sheets and acne may seem like an oddball combination, but it’s one your patients may ask about. New Beauty, Marie Claire and Allure magazines have posted online stories in recent days asking if dryer sheets and fabric softeners could be causes of acne. These articles came about after a Reddit user posted that the user’s acne improved when these produc …
A Primer on Chemical Peels – Part I
Chemical Peels
by Angelo Landriscina, MD on
Chemical peeling is one of the oldest resurfacing procedures used in dermatology, and it is still the most popular.  Why the staying power?  For reasons such as, ease of use, versatility, and low cost have helped maintain chemical peels as a cornerstone of the aesthetic repertoire.  In this two-part primer, I’ll review the basics of chemical peels including agents used, techniques and potenti …
Dermatology Treatment – Be Prepared for What Your Patients May Ask About
by Allison Sit on
Do your patients ever ask you about a dermatology treatment or concern that may seem off-the-wall? Chances are they learned about that dermatology treatment or concern in the news. Want to know what your patients are reading about? Here are some recent news articles about dermatology in the consumer press:   Allure: Carbonated water in beauty products  Ear pimples How to …
Acanthosis Nigricans Mimicking Melasma
Acanthosis Nigricans
by Bridget Kaufman, MD on
Case Report and Pearls for Accurate Diagnosis – An Interview with the Author During the 2018 Skin of Color Seminar Series, approximately twenty posters could be seen hanging in the poster viewing area.  Each of these posters highlights novel and exciting research in skin of color. In one such poster, Dr. Monica Huynh and colleagues presented a case of acanthosis nigricans mimicking melasma. C …
Understanding Hair Loss in Skin of Color Patients
Next Steps in Derm Hair Loss Clinical Pearls from the Expert
by Bridget Kaufman, MD on
In an informative 20-minute session on hair loss in skin of color patients, Dr. Valerie Callender focused on how structural differences in afrocentric hair and cultural haircare practices contribute to the high prevalence of alopecia in African American women in particular. *Clinical pearls* from this session are bolded, underlined, and marked with asterisks. Dr. Callender started her lect …