Dr. Kavita Beri

Dr. Kavita Beri is a Board-Certified Physician and Scientist in the field of Regenerative Medicine. She is the Chair of the International Society of Regenerative Medicine: Anti-Aging and Aesthetics. She is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Scientist at the Center for Dermal Research at Rutgers University New Jersey.  Dr. Beri is also the Founder of Beri Esthetique, Skin & Laser Med spa in Ocean New Jersey. She is published several scientific articles and presented both nationally and internationally on her research. She is also a reviewer for several journals in regenerative medicine. Dr. Beri is an Editorial Advisor & Dermatology Social Media Editor for the Future Science Journal., Her passion is in mind body and skin regeneration and its connection. She is also a certified yoga teacher RYT, training new yoga instructors on Philosophy of Yoga and the Mind Body and Soul connection. She has a deep interest in the application and new research in the field of “Vibrational Medicine” and how it can be connected to Anti-Aging Aesthetics.