Spotlight On: Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD, FAAD, FACP
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What made you decide on a career in dermatology? When I was 16 years old, I had a rash on my trunk, which baffled the pediatrician. When it wasn’t going away, they took me to see Dr. Alvin Friedman-Kien at NYU. From the door, he took one look and told me I had pityriasis rosea. I was fascinated by the sound of the long Latin name and I was hooked. From that moment on, I strived to get good gr …
Spotlight On: William W. Huang, MD, MPH, FAAD
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What made you decide to pursue a career in dermatology? My path to dermatology (and medicine in general) was not direct. Shortly after my parents immigrated to this country, I was born in North Carolina. We grew up in humble circumstances. We did not have doctors in our family, nor did we see doctors due to a lack of access to medical care. Growing up, I knew I wanted to help people but did not …
Physician-Industry Relationships: Roles for Physicians Part 2
industry relationship
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 In Part One of my article, I reviewed positions available to dermatologists within the pharmaceutical industry and shared advice on how one could explore these opportunities. For Part Two, I interviewed my friend and colleague, Dr. Anca Debu, who shared her experience as a dermatologist working for a mid-sized pharmaceutical company over the past 18 months. JJ: What drove your decision to w …
Top 5 Tips for Successful Interactions with Your Office Staff
Derm Staff
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Running your dermatology office smoothly and efficiently is no easy task. Check out these insightful tips for interacting with your office staff. 1. Staff Meetings Set aside designated times for staff meetings. Communication is essential to make this happen. Scheduled team meetings give a platform for your employees and promotes communication so that items are not discussed haphazardly through …