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ABD BASIC Exam – How to Achieve Success
Next Steps in Derm Exam of the Future
by Angelo Landriscina, MD on
One of the biggest issues in dermatology training over the last several years has been the change to the “Exam of the Future” format. The ABD has been applauded for moving away from the older system of boards and in-service exams by having the required components for board certification take place sequentially over the course of residency with the CORE and APPLIED exams. I arrived at my progra …
5th installment of Krazy Kodachromes – LIVE NOW!
Krazy Kodachromes_5
Our partner, Derm In-Review, is excited to announce that the 5th installment of Krazy Kodachromes is online now and ready for viewing! For the fifth installment, Dr. Adam Friedman along with award-winning educator Dr. Nasir Aziz provide their unique perspectives and insightful analysis during a live Kodachrome review session. Krazy Kodachromes is the latest study tool for dermatology …
From the ODAC experts: Board Review Pearls
boards pearls of wisdom
by Dr. Sheila Jalalat on
Compiled by Dr. Sheila Jalalat Highlights: key word associations for boards Neal Bhatia, MD Read CME in JAAD every Month 55% of the Boards is Kodachrome based Minocycline hyperpigmentation- Type 1 is most common and involves areas of previous inflammation and scarring Minocycline hypersensitivity reaction – hepatitis and facial edema Minocycline causing Lupus-like drug react …
Board Prep Resources Checklist
Board prep
Studying for the upcoming Board exam? As we all know, it's a stressful task that can feel daunting at times. However, residents need not fear; with the proper resources and good study habits you can feel well-prepared for this exam. A quick check-list from Dr. Strowd includes: Online Resources Derm In-Review question bank JAAD CME articles AAD website Dermpath slides Kodachrome r …
Tips For Preparing For The Certifying Examination (Part 2 Of 2)
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by Next Steps In Derm Team on
In this second article in this series, we will take a further look at some tried and true methods for preparing yourself for “The Boards.” 1) Dermatology is a visual medical specialty One of the great challenges of our specialty is that different conditions can look similar, and the same condition can look different (or “atypical”) across anatomic sites and populations. Many of the quest …