Certifying Exam

Residents Share: Study Tips, Biggest Fears, and Ways to Celebrate
by Bobbak (Bobby) Mansouri, MD, FAAD on
With boards approaching, it’s always important to remember that, as residents, you’re not alone. People have come before you and felt this stress. And there are plenty of people right beside you who are feeling the same way. I caught up with some residents and asked them to share some of their thoughts related to the upcoming certifying exam in hopes that we can all appreciate and remember tha …
Exam of the Future Changes! Important Announcement!
exam of the future
The American Board of Dermatology’s Exam of the Future timeline has changed! Due to recent problems with certifying exam scoring, the American Board of Dermatology is delaying the implementation of the new modular CORE Exam until 2020. As a result of this change, the APPLIED exam will move to 2021. While the ABD works diligently on finding the correct partner to ensure results issu …