Oral Glucocorticoids for Psoriasis? The Expert Weighs In
by Allison Sit on
Dermatologists are prescribing oral glucocorticoids for psoriasis despite awareness of risks of life-threatening generalized pustular psoriasis (GPP) and erythrodermic psoriasis (EP). A recent survey of dermatologists published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology found 18% of respondents occasionally prescribe oral glucocorticoids to patients with psoriasis, typically 1-5% of the time. Those wh …
Are Dermatologists Prepared to Treat COVID-19 Patients?
Dermatologists and COVID-19
by Allison Sit on
EPI Health has graciously supported the COVID-19 News and Resource Center. Allure recently posted an article on why dermatologists and plastic surgeons are preparing to join other medical professionals in the fight against COVID-19. Are dermatologists prepared to treat patients with contagious respiratory illness? For an expert opinion, I consulted dermatologist Sheila Farhang, MD, Mohs …
Chlorhexidine – Friday Pop Quiz 4/19
Regarding the use of chlorhexidine, which of the following is true? A. Chlorhexidine rinses (0.12%) aid in prevention of drug-associated gingival enlargement. B. Chlorhexidine when applied to the eyes will reduce keratitis." to "B. Chlorhexidine, when applied to the eyes, will reduce keratitis. C. Chlorhexidine reduces risk of deafness when applied to the ear canal prior to surgery. D. C …
A Practical Approach to Atypical Nevi
atypical nevi
by Daniel Yanes, MD on
Despite being one of the more common reasons for consulting a dermatologist, the diagnosis and management of atypical nevi remain nuanced and can often be challenging. I had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Jean Bolognia on her approach to atypical nevi, and walked away with many pearls to share. 1. Identify the patient’s signature nevus and come up with a plan. Sometimes it can be overwhelmi …
Top 10 Things To Do At ODAC 2019
Next Steps in Derm is excited to be a part of the upcoming ODAC (Orlando Dermatology and Aesthetics Conference) taking place this weekend (1/18-1/21) in Orlando, FL. With the conference quickly approaching, we wanted to give you a run-down of the Top 10 Things you should do while in attendance!  If you can’t make it to ODAC this year, be sure to put it on your “must attend events” list for …