Acute Inflammation – Friday Pop Quiz 11/17/2023
Increased expression of which of the following is most associated with the patient’s condition? A. Interferon-gamma B. Interleukin-2 C. Interleukin-13 D. Transforming growth factor-beta E. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha To find out the correct answer and read the explanation, click here.    Brought to you by our brand partner    …
Patient Buzz Series: At-Home Skincare Devices
skincare devices
by Allison Sit on
At-home skincare devices are now widely available to consumers, from handheld light wands for acne and wrinkles to laser hair removal devices. While no at-home device can fully mimic the benefits of in-office treatments, dermatologists spoke with Everyday Health and HuffPost about which at-home devices are worth consideration. Dermatologist Dr. Rachel Westbay told HuffPost that consumers can us …
Patient Buzz Series: Skin Smoothies
skin smoothies
by Allison Sit on
The skin smoothie is one of the latest skincare trends popularized on TikTok. Made famous by TikTok creator Amy K, skin smoothies involve mixing several skincare products and applying the mixture to the skin at the same time. The most popular combination on TikTok involves mixing petroleum jelly, moisturizing lotion, serum and self-tanning lotion. Users claim applying the products together leads t …
Mental Health Effects of Eczema | The Expert Weighs In
by Allison Sit on
SELF recently posted an article about the hidden mental health effects of eczema. How should dermatology clinicians approach their eczema patients about the mental impacts of this skin condition? When should a dermatologist refer to a mental health professional? For expert advice, I reached out to dermatologist and clinical psychologist Richard Fried, MD, PhD, clinical director of Yardley Derm …
Patient Buzz Series: Anti-Wrinkle Straws
by Allison Sit on
Beverage tumblers with straws are popular on TikTok, and now some social media influencers are claiming using straws will cause wrinkles. These influencers are promoting bendy “anti-wrinkle” straws to people who are especially concerned about fine lines and wrinkles in the perioral area. While dermatologists point out that repeated use of straws will cause wrinkles over time, they also remind …