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Patient Buzz Series: Facial Acids as Deodorant
Facial AcidsSubbing facial cleanser for your deodorant is one of the latest TikTok crazes that’s making headlines in the consumer press. Videos on social media claim that acids such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid are effective in killing the bacteria that causes body odor. However, dermatologists point out that it’s the combination of bacteria and sweat that leads to body odor, so people also should …
Facial Acids
Skincare Mondays | Surfactants in Skincare
Surfactants in skincareFor most consumers, a skincare routine is a positive part of their daily routine. Thirty-eight percent (38%) see it as ‘me’ time. Sixty-three percent (63%) wash their face at least two times per day,1 yet roughly half of consumers (men and women) report using bath wash or hand soap to cleanse their face.2 So it's no surprise that over half of consumers surveyed have no idea what ingredients …
Surfactants in skincare