How to Successfully Match into a Mohs Fellowship
Mohs FellowshipAfter all of the hustling and extra work you put in during medical school, you are now here living your best derm resident life. With each passing day, you can taste how much closer you are to being finished with your training, you can smell the signing and/or relocation bonus from your first job, and almost touch the freedom that will come with being an attending. But are you really ready to just …
Mohs Fellowship
I Wish I Had Known: How to Find Your Niche in Dermatology
dermatology nicheI approached dermatology residency like a Las Vegas buffet. Mesmerized by the wide variety, I dove in head first and filled my plate with everything in sight. My mentors were a bit bemused (or perhaps just exasperated) when at various points I seriously considered applying in pediatrics, procedural, and dermatopathology fellowships. Most residents have a diverse array of interests and talents, so …
dermatology niche
Post-Residency Fellowships in Dermatology: An Increasing Demand
Heidi Prather DermAs a resident in dermatology, one has made it through many critical achievements from MCAT scores to the STEP series, completing medical school to striving for that AOA class rank and finally matching into your next three years as a dermatology resident-in-training. Dermatology is a diverse field that requires an understanding of many subspecialties within its own training program. While the Ameri …
Heidi Prather Derm