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Patient Buzz Series: Supplements and Massagers for Healthy Hair
patient buzz
by Allison Sit on
This month’s Patient Buzz features articles on how to treat hair loss and grow healthy strands. Can supplements promote healthy hair from the inside out? Can scalp massagers stimulate hair growth? Prepare for your patients’ hair questions by reviewing this list of dermatology articles in the consumer press: Allure: How lip balms may contribute to chapped lips Allure: Injectabl …
Acne: What’s New and What’s to Come?
Acne in Skin of Color
by Kimberly Huerth, MD, M.Ed on
I still treat my acne twice daily with a whole cabinet full of various topicals. I’ve tried and failed doxycycline because it disrupts every single molecule of bacterial flora in my body. I’ve tried and failed spironolactone because I was the poster child for nearly all of its annoying and inconvenient side effects. I’ve tried and failed several OCPs because my body was a little too convince …