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Cicatricial Alopecias: Practical Pearls for Challenging Diagnoses
cicatricial alopecias
by Nishad Sathe, MD on
At ODAC 2023, we had the opportunity to learn about cicatricial alopecias from renowned dermatologist and hair expert Dr. Amy McMichael, Professor of Dermatology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. First, we considered a framework to check for cicatricial alopecias. This is particularly important because if we can identify cicatricial alopecia, we can make sure we are treating the rig …
Patient Buzz Series | “Skin Streaming”: Building a Simple Skincare Routine
skin streaming
by Allison Sit on
TikTok is known as a hub for skincare advice – good and bad – and the latest trend has dermatologists in agreement. “Skin streaming” means reducing a skincare routine to the essentials. It’s a backlash against complex routines that can be costly and time consuming. HuffPost explained the trend while The New York Times answered a reader’s question about the basics of caring for the face …
Hair Loss – Friday Pop Quiz 10/13/2023
A healthy 50-year-old patient presents with three-month history of progressive hair loss and scalp redness with associated pruritus. On closer scalp examination, there is perifollicular erythema, inflammation, and scaling. There appears to be loss of follicular openings in the erythematous patch. In addition, erythematous and skin-colored papules are present throughout the forehead. Of note, t …
A Case of Late-Onset Alopecia Areata
INTRODUCTION Alopecia areata (AA) is a condition characterized by nonscarring hair loss. Cases of alopecia areata are most commonly seen in patients under age 30 and are frequently idiopathic. In this report, we discuss a woman in her 50s who developed AA shortly after receiving the Tdap vaccine and after one year of guselkumab therapy.   CASE A woman in her 50s with history of psor …
Patient Buzz Series: Why and How You Should Clean Your Shower Head
shower head
by Allison Sit on
A dermatologist is behind the latest TikTok trend making news in the consumer press. Dr. Scott Walker posted about the importance of regularly cleaning your shower head, and the post received coverage by Yahoo’s In The Know. Dr. Walker recommends monthly cleaning to rid the shower head of dirt and bacteria that can become airborne during a shower. Dr. Walker says the bacteria is linked to skin d …