Staying Up-To-Date with Dermatology Billing and Coding
Billing and Coding
by Harold R Gibson on
Dermatology practices often deal with denials and even audits because the complexities of billing and coding lend themselves to a lot of billing and coding errors. Billing and coding for dermatology requires detailed reporting, detailed information on procedures completed and following multiple procedure rules. Throughout the past several years, multiple changes have been made to dermatology codes …
Need a Billing & Coding Brush-Up?
Dermatology Coding and Billing
by Adam Friedman, MD on
Have you ever realized you weren’t getting paid because of an error in coding? The good news is you don’t need to be an expert to know how to get paid. Brush up on the basics of ICD-10 from a documentation standpoint and rest easy that you will be properly paid for all your bills submitted to insurance companies. This practical webinar recording with Dr. Adam Friedman will keep you informed: …
Billing in Dermatology: A Quick Overview of Coding Modifiers
Medical Coding
Part 2 of 2 Want to listen to a podcast about billing and coding? Click here  Check out the 411 of Medical Coding or visit Part I Correct dermatology billing and coding can be challenging due to the number of in-office procedures performed by dermatologists. The second part of this series will provide a quick overview of some of the more commonly utilized modifiers. Used to communicate wh …