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Itchy Skin – Friday Pop Quiz 4/21/2023
A 15-year-old girl comes to the clinic with her mother for dry, itchy skin that waxes and wanes for years. The patient states it worsens in the dry winter, along with during times of stress and anxiety. Examination reveals the findings pictured. What is the function of the gene product most commonly mutated in for this condition? A. Initiate and maintain intercellular adhesion of keratinocy …
Skincare Mondays | Diversity Under the Sun
by NeutrogenaMD on
Suncare is important for every skin tone. The risk of sunburn correlates with skin tone - not ethnicity. Sunburn experiences differ across ethnicities. An online survey of 3,597 adults who identified as White, Black, Hispanic and Asian showed sunburns occur across all ethnicities - even the darkest skin tones, but the experience is very different.1 Those who identified as White reported “ski …