keratosis pilaris

Skin Rash – Friday Pop Quiz 1/6/23
An 8-month-old boy is brought in by his mother for concerns of a rash that comes and goes for the last few months, primarily on his face and belly. His older brother suffers from asthma and often has a similar rash on the inside of his elbow and behind his knees. The gene most commonly mutated in the photograph is also mutated in which of the following? A.) Palmoplantar keratoderma B.)Â …
Patient Buzz Series: From itchy, raised tattoos to blue light protection skincare
raised, itchy tattoos
by Allison Sit on
This month’s Patient Buzz includes articles discussing a variety of topics such as itchy, raised tattoos (is this normal?), blue light protection skincare, and other topics uniquely related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Is COVID-19 to blame for eczema flares? Is makeup gone unused in the pandemic still safe to use? Is blue light from extra screen time during the pandemic damaging our skin? What are …
Patient Buzz Series: Skincare Product No-Nos
by Allison Sit on
Mistakes when using skincare products is a common theme among the articles in this month’s Patient Buzz. What happens when cleansing oils are applied to wet skin? Is bar soap good for the face? Does menthol help or hurt chapped lips? Is the sunscreen in a facial moisturizer enough to protect the skin? Be prepared for your patients’ questions, including how to use skincare products, by revie …