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Patient Buzz: Rare Pediatric Skin Conditions | The Expert Weighs In
pediatric skin conditions
by Allison Sit on
Parade and other media outlets recently covered the story of actress Mandy Moore's son, who was diagnosed with Gianotti-Crosti syndrome. What should dermatology clinicians know about Gianotti-Crosti syndrome and other rare pediatric skin conditions? What should dermatology clinicians do when they are unsure of how to diagnose a pediatric skin condition?  For expert advice, I reached out to …
Patient Buzz: Teen Skin Care
Teen skin care
by Allison Sit on
Seventeen recently wrote an article sharing skin care advice dermatologists give their own teens. For expert advice on how to counsel teens in caring for their skin, I consulted dermatologist Candrice Heath, MD, assistant professor at Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. Dr. Heath is board-certified in dermatology, pediatrics, and pediatric dermatology. What are the most impo …