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How to Obtain Your First Dermatology Client
derm office
by Wendy E. Roberts, MD on
My first client - that is a great question! I was leaving the academic institution where I was on faculty and really starting fresh. I had purchased the practice of another dermatologist, but she had really been winding it up because she was moving out of the state and she probably had a very slim patient list. I literally was having one and two patients a day. We didn't have a lot of the I …
I Wish I Had Known: The Importance of Writing
writing physician
by Benjamin Barankin, MD on
A Dermatologist’s Foray into Writing My trials and tribulations in writing first began in high school. I wrote a humor article in high school for our school newspaper. The experience was fun as I collected my thoughts, tried to be creative and work on my comedic stylings, and determined whether or not I could make others laugh. The feedback I received was satisfying and encouraging. Once in uni …
Real Advice for Dermatology Career Progression
Here is the best advice we could find to help make the transition from residency to the real world of dermatology a little easier. The dermatology practice has grown more complex since I graduated residency and began practice in 1984.  But it has also become more dynamic. We all have learned to grow and evolve with the changes. However, it could have been a little easier if I had known a few …
Pearls of Wisdom From Thought Leaders at ODAC
ODAC Derm Expert Conference
As a resident thinking about how to move forward with your career, or a new practitioner getting off and running, would you like to know what special pearls of wisdom KOL's in the industry would share? Our nine Next Steps Correspondents had their ears to the ground at the 2017 ODAC Dermatology Aesthetic and Surgical in Miami. They asked ODAC faculty just that.  "I think that one of the mo …
The Right Questions to Ask When Negotiating a Contract
negotiating a contract
by Adam Friedman, MD on
At the conclusion of medical training, residents know so much about dermatology But usually not so much about negotiating their first contract. While academic contracts are usually pretty rigid, in private practice you need to be your own self advocate. Hire a contract lawyer (once again, don’t waste time/money for academic contracts). Don’t be afraid to ask the right questions. Being well-pr …