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Patient Buzz Series: Kylie Jenner and Walnut Scrubs
Patient Buzz
by Allison Sit on
This month’s Patient Buzz includes several articles your patients may ask about during an office visit. Are walnut scrubs, like the one promoted by Kylie Jenner, good for the skin? Does sunscreen cause cancer? Are essential oils good for bug bites? Be prepared for these and other questions your patients may ask by checking out this listing of dermatology articles in the consumer press: A …
Patient Buzz Series: Sun Protection Trends
by Allison Sit on
In preparation for summer, this month’s patient buzz includes articles about sun protection trends. Is homemade sunscreen effective? What about powdered sunscreen? Can “well fashion” reduce a person’s skin cancer risk? Be ready for your patients’ odd-ball questions by checking out this listing of recent articles in the consumer press. Allure: Fillers for dark circles Allure: M …