Practice Management

Tips for Running Your Own Practice
Running your own practiceUpon completing residency training, many newly graduated doctors feel lost as to where to begin if their goal is to open up a new practice. Unfortunately, the business side of the medical field is often glossed over or completely missing from residency programs, leaving doctors in the dark about key elements of practice management. I recently conducted a survey through LinkedIn, and over 50 der …
Running your own practice
Overbooked and Overextended: How to Avoid Scheduling Nightmares
Avoid Scheduling NightmaresOne of the pearls of practice management that can make or break the workday, but is never mentioned in a medical textbook, is how to triage patients when your clinic is booked out for an extended time. How do you decide what patients get in sooner and who can wait? Should there be a tier system for scheduling based on urgency? How do you handle cosmetic patients who all want to get in yesterday! D …
Avoid Scheduling Nightmares