reactive arthritis

Arthritis – Friday Pop Quiz 10/21/2021
A 25 year-old previously healthy man presents with the skin findings shown, urethritis, and one month of peripheral arthritis. Which of the following is true regarding this condition? A. Females and males are equally affected B. A chronic deforming arthritis occurs in 20% C. TNF-alpha inhibiting agents have no role in the treatment of this condition D. Patients must have urethritis …
Methotrexate Therapeutic Cheat Sheet
Methotrexate injection for psoriasis
by Jessica Kalen, MD on
In this month’s installment of Therapeutic Cheat Sheet, we will review methotrexate and its use in dermatology. Methotrexate has been utilized as therapy for psoriasis and many other dermatologic conditions since its approval by the FDA in 1972.1 While an effective systemic agent for a multitude of dermatologic and non-dermatologic diseases, prescribers should be aware of the side effect profile …