sensitive skin

Skincare Mondays | Sensitive Skin
sensitive skin
by AveenoMD on
Why are your patients so sensitive?   71% of adults have self-declared sensitive skin.1 While differences in how people perceive skin sensitivity exist, most say they have sensory effects, such as itching, burning, stinging, tightness and dryness.2  Due to the subjective nature of sensitive skin, diagnosis is complex and there is often a disconnect between what subjects feel and what medical …
JDD December Issue Highlights: From Plaque Psoriasis to CBD Gel
JDD December 2020 Issue
The December issue of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology focuses on a variety of topics ranging from plaque psoriasis and infantile hemangioma to suturing wounds under tension and cannabinoid gel on sensitive dry skin. And an incredible line-up of articles to finish 2020 strong!  Straight from the JDD Editor’s desk, we share this month’s issue highlights: Oxytocin Levels Inversely Correla …
Patient Buzz: Do PHAs Live Up to the Hype? The Expert Weighs In
Polyhydroxy acids
by Allison Sit on
A recent Allure article highlighted a trending group of skin-care ingredients –  polyhydroxy acids or PHAs. The article says PHAs are thought to be more tolerable than other chemical exfoliants. How should you respond if a patient asks about using skin care products with PHAs? For an expert opinion, I consulted dermatologist Cheryl Burgess, MD, FAAD. She is medical director of the Center …