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Patient Buzz Series: Sephora Kids
Sephora KidsTweens and teens are now crazed about skin care products, posting videos on social media about their multi-step skincare routines and love of Sephora. According to Good Morning America, #tweenskincare has more than 49 million views on TikTok. Dermatologists warn that the products chosen aren’t just expensive, but they may be harmful to a child’s skin. In a Good Morning America segment, Dr. …
Sephora Kids
Patient Buzz: Reddit for Skin Care Questions?
Reddit SkincareAddictionCosmopolitan recently posted an article on how Reddit's SkincareAddiction community is creating a generation of at-home dermatologists. But is a community of 1 million users answering dermatology questions good for the specialty? For an expert opinion, I consulted Jared Jagdeo, MD, MS, associate professor of dermatology and founding director of the Center for Laser, Aesthetics and Body Insti …
Reddit SkincareAddiction