Tales From the Office: An Elephant Never Forgets
memoryDermatology offices are full of activity and sometimes humorous or memorable stories unfold before us. Tales From the Office chronicles funny, crazy or interesting stories from dermatology offices across the nation. A psoriasis patient who'd had an excellent response to methotrexate, came in for his monthly follow up, but his rash was all back. He said he had stopped his pills. Inquiring as to …
Tales From the Office: A Resident Shares Her Inspiration
resident inspirationIt's interesting where you find inspiration. Being a dermatology resident I learn about different conditions and rare infections to stay up to date and prepare for the rigorous Board exam. I always was thinking..."oh, we will never will see those rare things in our practice". I learned about leprosy back in medical school and was fascinated about various presentations of this infection and how i …
resident inspiration