Sweet syndrome

Reactive Dermal Infiltrates – Friday Pop Quiz 01/29
A pregnant 33-year-old female presents with the shown painful lesions that appeared abruptly one week ago. She additionally has been febrile to 38.3C with malaise and headaches. What do you expect to find on biopsy of a representative lesion? A. Perivascular neutrophils with fibrinoid necrosis and RBC extravasation B. Apoptotic individual keratinocytes with intracellular spongiosis …
Journal Review Series: January – March 2018
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by Ramya Kollipara, MD on
Derm In-Review Advisory Council Member, Dr. Ramya Kollipara, searched dermatology journals so that you don’t have to! She reports on important take-aways from different medical journals for the months of January, February, and March of 2018.  Find study tools and more like this at Derm In-Review. It is key to keep in mind that “important” is subjective and what is contained in this revie …