tattoo-related dermatoses

Patient Buzz: Tattoo-Related Skin Reactions
Tattoo-related skin reactionsAllure recently wrote an article about why tattoos can become itchy and raised. What common and uncommon skin reactions should dermatologists keep in mind when treating tattooed patients? For an expert opinion, I contacted Rhode Island dermatologist Matthew Willett, MD, FAAD. What common skin reactions can occur in people shortly after getting a tattoo? The most common acute skin reaction …
Tattoo-related skin reactions
Eruptive Milia Within a Tattoo
Milia within a tattooIntroduction The most frequently reported tattoo-related dermatoses, according to a study of 234 tattooed patients, are allergic,1infectious,2,3 and granulomatous4,5 reactions occurring in 2.1% of this population.6 Less common reactions are lichenoid,7photoallergic,8 pseudolymphomatous,9 discoid lupus erythematosus,10 incidental skin neoplasm,11 and koebnerization of psoriasis.12,13Milia within t …
Milia within a tattoo