Teen skin care

Patient Buzz Series: Sephora Kids
Sephora KidsTweens and teens are now crazed about skin care products, posting videos on social media about their multi-step skincare routines and love of Sephora. According to Good Morning America, #tweenskincare has more than 49 million views on TikTok. Dermatologists warn that the products chosen aren’t just expensive, but they may be harmful to a child’s skin. In a Good Morning America segment, Dr. …
Sephora Kids
Patient Buzz: Teen Skin Care
Teen skin careSeventeen recently wrote an article sharing skin care advice dermatologists give their own teens. For expert advice on how to counsel teens in caring for their skin, I consulted dermatologist Candrice Heath, MD, assistant professor at Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. Dr. Heath is board-certified in dermatology, pediatrics, and pediatric dermatology. What are the most impo …
Teen skin care