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Cannula vs. Needle for Dermal Fillers
cannula vs. needle
by Mojgan Hosseinipour, DO, FAAD on
Over the last ten years, the use of cosmetic fillers has become increasingly popular. Historically, delivery of cosmetic tissue fillers has been through a sharp hypodermic needle. However, new blunt-tipped needles, called microcannulas, are gaining popularity with aesthetic injectors. The decision to use needle vs. cannula is the choice of the injector, but the advantages of using a blunt-tipped c …
Safely Reopening Derm Practices with Dr. Terrence Keaney
Terrence Keaney, MD
Dr. Jeffrey S. Dover, in partnership with the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, invited a panel of dermatology Key Opinion Leaders to share their experience as they reopen their practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you missed the previous videos in the series, you can watch them here.  We continue the series with Dr. Terrence Keaney, co-founder of SkinDC, a private practice in the Washingto …
Platelet Rich Plasma: “The Process Is The Product”
by Yumeng Marina Li, MD on
Platelet-rich plasma or PRP, derived from the patient’s own blood, is considered by many to be an all-natural, safe product with rejuvenation properties. Here, we discuss what exactly is PRP, the qualities that would make an ideal PRP extraction system, and the work that lies ahead to standardize current treatment protocols. Dr. Terrence Keaney led a lecture on platelet-rich plasma (PRP) at t …
Got a Difficult Patient? Here’s What to Do!
difficult patients
by Kimberly Huerth, MD, M.Ed on
A career in medicine starts with a vision of what it will be like to be a doctor—making a difference in the world, doing genuine good, helping people heal, or fostering dignity and compassion for those who are facing the end of their days. The privilege and ability to do these things for others comes at a great personal and financial cost. But we keep our gazes turned to the delayed gratitude we …
Ask a Mentor Q&A Recap with Dr. Terrence Keaney
male aesthetic Dr. Terrance Keaney
Our Next Steps readers had the opportunity to ask Dr. Terrence Keaney questions on building a career in cosmetics, establishing a private practice, and the approach to the male aesthetic patient. See all his insightful answers below. How do you think men’s skincare needs are different than women?  What is most common skincare concern that you see in your male patients? What do you think is the …