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Choosing Your Career Path After Dermatology Residency: Are You Ready?
dermatology residency
by Emily Murphy, MD on
At the 2022 ODAC Dermatology, Aesthetic & Surgical Conference, a resident directed series included a panel on choosing your next steps after dermatology residency – Fellowship, Academics, or Private Practice, It’s Decision Time. The panel had an impressive group of dermatologists who answered a series of questions about paving our future paths in dermatology. Here are our panel members, in …
The Family Friendly Dermatology Residency
family friendly dermatology residency
by Allison Sit on
Sang Kim, MD, was two weeks into his dermatology residency at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center when his wife was diagnosed with a serious pregnancy complication. “At that time, I felt my world was crashing down, and I immediately thought of the worst-case scenario; that I could lose my unborn son and wife.” Thankfully, Dr. Kim’s son was born healthy, and his wife recovered. Dr …
Balancing Your Professional and Personal Lives
Work-Life Balance
Attaining an ideal work-life balance is exceedingly difficult. Clinic priorities are often diametrically opposed to personal goals. Your plans to get to the gym or even home for dinner time with your children after a busy work day may come at the expense of finishing charting, yet if you make more time by seeing fewer patients, your practice may suffer. Dermatologists are fortunate to enjoy high l …
Spotlight On: Elizabeth Grossman, MD, MBA
1. What made you decide to pursue a career in dermatology? I really enjoy talking with my patients. I love to hear about their jobs, families, and their various stories. I also really enjoy procedural work. I find doing procedures a fantastic outlet for my anal tendencies. You get to be as precise and detail-oriented as you want to be. Dermatology was a good marriage between the chance to have …
Balancing Work and Kids
Work Life Balance
Let’s talk about work/life balance. We all want to be great doctors and great parents, but sometimes it feels like a difficult goal to achieve. I had a baby as an intern, and I’m here to tell you it can be done. Be organized, willing to work hard, and very, very flexible and you can enjoy a wonderful family life, along with a successful career. Find Childcare Many residencies have onsite …