Facial Papules – Pop Quiz Friday – 9/28!
Facial Papules
A 6-year old boy presents with the facial papules seen here. What physical finding is the earliest seen in the syndrome associated with facial papules? A.) Ash-leaf hypopigmented macule B. ) Retinal hamartoma C.) Lymphangiomyomatosis D.) Periungual fibromas E.) Bulbar telangiectasias To find out the correct answer and read the explanation, click here.   Brought to you by ou …
Basic Science of Skin – Boards Fodder
Basic Science of Skin
by Angelo Landriscina, MD on
All of the most commonly used general dermatology texts start out with the basic science of skin, with good reason. Understanding the function of important molecules and molecular structures is key to understanding many dermatologic disorders.  For that reason, the correlation between pathophysiology and clinical findings make this topic a favorite for second and third-order questions on the b …
ABD BASIC Exam – How to Achieve Success
Next Steps in Derm Exam of the Future
by Angelo Landriscina, MD on
One of the biggest issues in dermatology training over the last several years has been the change to the “Exam of the Future” format. The ABD has been applauded for moving away from the older system of boards and in-service exams by having the required components for board certification take place sequentially over the course of residency with the CORE and APPLIED exams. I arrived at my progra …
Understanding Hair Loss in Skin of Color Patients
Next Steps in Derm Hair Loss Clinical Pearls from the Expert
by Bridget Kaufman, MD on
In an informative 20-minute session on hair loss in skin of color patients, Dr. Valerie Callender focused on how structural differences in afrocentric hair and cultural haircare practices contribute to the high prevalence of alopecia in African American women in particular. *Clinical pearls* from this session are bolded, underlined, and marked with asterisks. Dr. Callender started her lect …