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Doxycycline-Modified Release
by Angelo Landriscina, MD on
In this month’s installment of our Therapeutic Cheat Sheet Series, we turn our focus to rosacea.  Antibiotics have been a mainstay for rosacea treatment for decades, but their side effect profile and dosing schedules can complicate their use. Enter Doxycycline-Modified Release (Doxy-MR).  This specialized formulation of doxycycline allows for sustained activity and a minimized side effect prof …
Buccal Mucosa – Friday Pop Quiz 7/19
Buccal Mucosa
After starting multiple new medications in the past four months a 58 year-old man presented to clinic with a non-painful discoloration on his left buccal mucosa for the past three weeks. He also had a recent sinus infection treated with oral antibiotics. He denied tobacco use, alcohol use, and any dental work in the past three years. Biopsy showed focal hypergranulosis, necrotic keratinocytes, …
A Giant Cutaneous Horn: One of the Largest Recorded
Introduction We present a case of one of the largest cutaneous horns recorded in the known literature as an opportunity to explore diagnostic considerations and treatment options. Cutaneous horns are common exophytic neoplasms composed of dense keratin that are always secondary to primary lesions, which can be benign or malignant. Due to the variance of the primary lesion, diagnostic biopsies are …
What’s New for Itch
Brian Berman, MD
by Bobbak (Bobby) Mansouri, MD, FAAD on
Dermatologists are well aware of the difficulty in managing itchy patients. Itch can be caused by a number of cutaneous and extracutaneous diseases. Regardless of the etiology, itch is one of the most frustrating symptoms of patients and management dilemmas for dermatologists. At the 16th Annual ODAC conference, Dr. Brian Berman reviewed some of the emerging therapies for the treatment of itch a …
Are Pimple Patches Worth the Hype? The Expert Weighs In
by Allison Sit on
Huff Post recently wrote an article asking if pimple patches are effective. The products are popular with beauty bloggers who swear the patches have breakout-stopping properties. For an expert opinion, I consulted double board-certified dermatologist Elizabeth Bahar Houshmand, MD, who is based in Dallas, Texas. Do pimple patches work? If so, how? Pimple patches can work on isolated acne l …