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Adjunctive Therapies for Hair Loss | Lasers, PRP, Microneedling, and Hair Transplantation
adjunctive therapies for hair loss
by Nishad Sathe, MD on
Hair loss can be such a challenging disease to treat, especially with the social toll it can take on patients. Do you struggle to keep up with the newest treatments and data on hair loss? If so, keep reading as we learn from Dr. Shilpi Khetarpal, Associate Professor of Dermatology and Director of Cosmetic Dermatology and Lasers at Cleveland Clinic, about adjunctive therapies for hair loss based on …
Off-Label Treatment Pearls with Dr. Ted Rosen
off-label treatment pearls
Next Steps in Derm and the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, in partnership with the Dermatology Education Foundation (DEF) and Physicians Resources,  interviewed Dr. Ted Rosen (Professor, Vice-Chair of Dermatology, and Chief of Dermatology at the Houston Veterans Affairs Medical Center) on his favorite off-label treatment pearls. Watch as he shares how to use indomethacin for the angry red scrot …
Skincare Mondays | 1 Year Study Shows Retinol Benefits Do Not Plateau
Retinol Benefits
by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health on
Retinoids are a mainstay of dermatologic therapy. When properly formulated, retinoids available over the counter offer consumers an easily accessible, reasonably priced option.  Retinol has been shown to improve fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, skin roughness, and the appearance of photoaged skin in short term studies. This study looks at the efficacy and safety of continued use of a s …
Collagen Type – Friday Pop Quiz 11/4/2022
Antibodies mediated towards what collagen type leads to the condition depicted in the image? A. Type 1 collagen B. Type 2 collagen C. Type 3 collagen D. Type 4 collagen E. Type 5 collagen To find out the correct answer and read the explanation, click here.    Brought to you by our brand partner Derm In-Review.  A product of SanovaWorks. …
Approaches to the Aging Face: Setting the Stage and Managing Expectations
by Jacqueline McKesey, MD, MS on
In case you missed it, the 17th Annual Women’s & Pediatric Dermatology Symposium offered dermatologists a practical approach to treat and evaluate the “aging face.” Dr. Jacqueline Watchmaker, a dermatologist from Scottsdale, Arizona, and cosmetic dermatology extraordinaire, discussed her approach to helping patients feel and look their best. Read on for a full summary of this session! …