What is Memory Age – and Why is it Important?
by Lovely Laban, GNP-C MSN on
I spend a lot of time thinking about aging. During and after receiving my Masters of Nursing in Gerontology – the study of aging and its effects – I spent years studying the human struggle with the natural signs of aging and what we could do to slow the hands of time. Our tools back then were largely restricted to lifestyle changes proven to increase longevity – healthy eating, exercise and …
A JDD Introduction from Dr. Jared Jagdeo on Cutting Edge Body Contouring Manuscripts
body contouring
After reading Dr. Jagdeo’s intro below, be sure to check out the four peer-reviewed JDD articles in this special body contouring segment, where an array of global aesthetic body contouring experts and clinician-researchers share the latest body contouring data. Explore new frontiers in body contouring that translate into highly prized benefits for patients. Future Applications of Deoxycholic …
Five Tips for Incorporating Cosmetic Procedures Into A Medical Practice
Cosmetic injectables
The most rewarding part of my job is making people happy, exceeding their expectations, and improving their self-esteem. In my private practice in Manhattan and Long Island, New York, I specialize in skin cancer treatment and cosmetic dermatology. Although these might seem like polar opposites, in reality I bridge two worlds of medicine whose goals are the same: to help people stay healthy and to …
How to Spot and Avoid Dealing with Difficult Cosmetic Patients
difficult cosmetic patient
by Benjamin Barankin, MD on
Many dermatologists enjoy seeing and treating cosmetic patients. There is the creative artistic aspect to treating these patients, as well as the fairly immediate improvement, minimal downtime and risk, and overall mostly happy patients who pay good money to look their best. However, a cosmetic patient who is not pleased with you or the results they achieved can give you gray hair, or worse, l …
How to Build Your Injectable Business: Creating an Effective Marketing Plan
Dermatology Marketing
Part 3 of 3 This is the third and final installment of my three-part series that gives you a roadmap for building a successful top-tier cosmetic practice. In parts one and two, I discussed how to prepare your practice for introducing injectables through education, and how to educate your staff and patients. This third part will discuss how to market your practice bot effectively and cost-effectiv …