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Medical Billing & Coding Training in Residency – JDD Podcast Highlights
Billing and Coding Podcast
by Angelo Landriscina, MD on
Each month, the JDD Podcast features an in-depth interview with one of the investigators from the current issue. July’s podcast, hosted by Dr. Adam Friedman, features Dr. Beth McLellan, an assistant professor of Dermatology from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and an expert in supportive oncodermatology – the treatment and prevention of cutaneous side effects associated with oncologic …
Staying Up-To-Date with Dermatology Billing and Coding
Billing and Coding
by Harold R Gibson on
Dermatology practices often deal with denials and even audits because the complexities of billing and coding lend themselves to a lot of billing and coding errors. Billing and coding for dermatology requires detailed reporting, detailed information on procedures completed and following multiple procedure rules. Throughout the past several years, multiple changes have been made to dermatology codes …
Compounding in Dermatology – How to Navigate the Regulatory and Legal Landscape
Compounding has been a cornerstone of the practice of dermatology since its inception. Often it is the best way to provide effective treatment for patients with skin disease. Nevertheless, current events have resulted in a regulatory climate that threatens the survival of this time-honored practice by dermatologists and consequently access to effective therapies by our patients. Medication comp …
Medico-Legal Issues in Dermatology
by Abel Torres, M.D. JD, M.B.A. on
The study “Medical Liability in Dermatology: Trends in Liability Claims Against Dermatologists from 1991-2015” by Kornmehl and colleagues recently published in JAMA Dermatology confirms that most malpractice cases against dermatologists are “abandoned, withdrawn or dismissed”. It also showed that there has been a net reduction of 29.2% in paid claims for dermatologists. What is …
Financial Matters Part 2 – Saving During Residency
financial saving
Saving during residency and fellowship can be difficult – many training programs are in large cities where the cost of living, transportation, food and rent can be quite high. With each step, we continue our journey of becoming experienced doctors, however at some point we feel lost because we don’t receive much financial planning advice. With medical school debt on our shoulders and specialty …