I Wish I Had Known: Coding
Medical Coding
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One piece of advice If I could give residents one piece of advice it would be to try and understand coding prior to entering into private practice. It of course determines your compensation and I've found with new physicians entering into our practice that it's an area that they don't seem to have much background in. If you are looking for more information regarding coding, you will be able to …
Refresher Course: Patient Privacy and Technology
Patient Privacy
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The ubiquitous use of mobile devices and social media networks has created new concerns regarding privacy, both as it pertains to patient information and the patient-provider relationship. The "Security Rule," a component of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), established specifically to protect health information stored or transferred electronically. Mobile devices s …
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In order to hire the right person responsible for the daily ins-and-outs of your practice, first start with your vision or mission statement of what you want your office to become. Then start compiling a list of your needs and expectations of what you will need to make this vision become reality. What will your office manager have to do in order to develop, run, and grow your practice? Your off …
Tattoo Removal: Consent Form
Tattoo Removal Consent
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The Next Steps program is not only designed to give you practice management advice and pearls, but it also will help guide you with what you may need to help jump start your practice. Consent forms are important assets to your practice and we will be supplying samples throughout the program. This sample consent form is for tattoo and pigmentation removal so you may download the form and brand it y …
I Wish I Had Known: Finance
Computer residency finance
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I Wish I Had Known: Finance When I first started looking for a position after residency, I wish I had known that the most lucrative financial offer was not necessarily the best offer. Fortunately for myself, I did not make my decision based on financial parameters alone. But I did spend a lot of time evaluating and considering positions in which I would have been very unhappy. Ultimately, I chose …