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Drs. Taub and Fried Discuss the Ethics in Cosmetic Derm – How Much is Too Much?

We were asked to talk about ethics and the issue of when too much cosmetic is too much, and how we notice it and how we react to it.

I believe that both of us see things in a similar way and that is there is the objective criteria and the gut criteria.

For me the objective criteria or when someone comes in with a great deal of obvious augmentation whether it’s full face, whether it’s lip whether is specifically chin and you can see they have a great deal of work done you can see it’s recent work and they come in asking for more. And there’s that clear sense that’s starting to cross that grey border between what looks attractive what looks youth restoring, what’s starting to look odd or even somewhat bizarre. Or when the gut says this is a very unhappy troubled person who has a sense of “I have to get more now, or else…”