I Wish I Had Known: How to Survive After Residency
survival residency
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The completion of a residency program represents the culmination of well more than a decade of arduous and even tortuous intellectual, physical and emotional effort. You have finally earned and can safely experience that long-awaited sigh of relief. You made it. The demands, commands, obstacles, grades, ratings, competency logs and grandiose attending physicians are behind you. You are finally lib …
I Wish I Had Known: Fellowship Opportunities
fellowship opportunity
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The fellowship opportunities in dermatology (before and after residency) are endless and one of a kind. Before beginning my residency at the University of Maryland, I was lucky to have landed a clinical fellowship focusing on dermatologic and laser surgery at the Mohs and Laser Unit at the University of Miami. To this day, it was one of the experiences that has prepared me the most for a career in …
I Wish I Had Known: The Value of Collaborating with Physicians in Other Specialties
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Dermatology is a relatively small and incredibly unique discipline within medicine. With the typical medical school curriculum dedicating at most a few weeks to our specialties. And yet provides insights into the overall well-being of patients that are often priceless. Early in one’s career, it is easy to become so engrossed in mastering the rich and diverse nuances of our field that other impo …
How To Get Started on Cosmetic Procedures in a Dermatologic Practice
cosmetic dermatology
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Be sure you are comfortable dealing with cosmetic patients. Don’t purchase a lot of equipment out of the gate, start out small and acquire in time, don’t over extend yourself and your budget. Start out slowly, start 1.5 day per week doing cosmetic vs. medical to learn on what percentage you and your staff are more comfortable in your practice. …